10 Reasons to Visit Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia Many people think that Cambodia is only Angkor Wat and that is just not the case. There is so much more to Cambodia than this and there is much to see, do and take in as you explore this country!Read More

Cambodia in one Week

Get the most out of your short visit in Cambodia by following a "to the point" itinerary organized by a local business owner to maximize your time! Enjoy what Cambodia has to offer quickly while still maintaining the relaxation that is customary to the Khmer people.Read More

Is Cambodia Kid Friendly?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia Child or adult, it is a safe and enjoyable place to travel. There are many reasons and here are just a few, that Cambodia is completely safeRead More

Adventure Angkor Wat and Angkor Archaeological Park and get the Most Out of Your Time Here!

Incredible Angkor!

You can easily view our itinerary to find the best route to see the best variety of temples in a short amount of time!  Find out more about Angkor Archaeological Park and get to know a bit about the history of the Khmer Empire while you tour tremendously impressive temples.  One of the most amazing facts about the temples is that they laid virtually untouched for several hundreds of years and were only discovered publicly in the early 1900’s.  Once the home of various rulers of the “world” in the Khmer Empire, the structures, their symmetry and overall intricate design and carving are beyond awe inspiring...

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