Is Cambodia Kid Friendly?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

It is funny that you should ask this question as it answers another question that people may have, “Is it safe to travel in Cambodia?”  To both of the questions, Yes and Yes.  Of course, if someone is asking if it is safe for children it must be safe for adults as well, right?  We care to share this with you as we are a family run business and we care that families can enjoy this beautiful Kingdom of Cambodia!  Meet our two sons and allow our family to help your family have the trip of a lifetime when you come into Ecstatic Restaurant!


Child or adult, it is a safe and enjoyable place to travel.  There are many reasons and here are just a few, that Cambodia is completely safe:


1.     Easy Going.  If there is one thing that makes Cambodia safe, it is the easy going way of the people.  Violent crime or violence at all is rarely seen and the culture is very relaxed.  When one person drives in front of the other, vs. a horn even being honked or rage ensuing, they laugh and smile at each other as they wave and slow down their driving to let one another cross.  It is a site to behold and the Khmer people are very gentle.

2.     They love their Children.  The Khmer people love their own children very dearly and hold a respect for children.  The way that the families are with the young ones is gentle and attentive, a good atmosphere to have a kid around!

3.     It is a Kingdom.  This means that infractions are not taken lightly and those who are to step out of line face harsh recourse. Given the country’s history, it is no wonder that the Buddhist practices of non-violence are so strong and prevalent.

4.     Western Standards in Restaurants.  Many of the restaurants are Western Standard and also offer Western Foods which means that even the pickiest of eaters will find something that they like.  Bottled water is abundant and low cost as well and the kitchen and eating settings are clean, cleaner than most of Asia.

5.     Quality Accommodations at good prices.  I know that this may sound more like a reason to go than a safety issue, but what it means is that it is easy to come by a room that will fit the needs of your young ones.  People with babies, toddlers, young children and teens alike have all enjoyed Cambodia for holidays and travel and there is no reason for you to miss it either just because of a young child.

6.     Convenience of getting what you need.  Everything in Cambodia is convenient and you will be able to find a pharmacy, formula or a Dr if you were to ever need one and again, they are not too hard on the pocket book!

7.     Lots to learn and see that does not involve dangerous treks to get there.  The most difficult thing you would need to do in order to get to any of the main sites and attractions, and there are many to keep your kids entertained, would be to ride in a tuk-tuk and walk around, not too shabby and you won’t need to clear any summits to get to a temple!

Kid Friendly Cambodia


Here are a list of what your child might enjoy doing in Cambodia!

1.)   Seeing the Ancient Temples.  Even the most easy to bore will find wonderment in the Kingdom of the Khmer Empire that once ruled the world, at least according to them and imagination is everything right?!

2.)   Taking a boat to see nearly Extinct River Dolphins in Kratie.  Take an easy ride to Kratie and in Cambodia private rides are cheap enough to make it simple and safe for your family to get around the country conveniently.  Kratie is a sleepy town and only one night may work to keep your little ones entertained, but they will be enamored by the beauty and unique features of the Irrawaddy River Dolphins of the Mekong!

3.)   King’s Palace.  It never gets old for a kid to get to tour a palace!  They will love all of the beautiful décor!

4.)   Beaches of Sihanoukville.  What child does not love the beach?  No matter if you are looking for a lively scene or a quiet corner of the earth, Sihanoukville and the islands that lay out in the Gulf of Thailand will fulfill you and your children’s water loving needs!

5.)   Kep!  Enjoy this quiet town on the coast and explore Limestone Caves with your children that would rival the likes of Thailand’s Prah Nang and enjoy the quiet Cambodian culture in the mean time!

6.)   Amusement Park in Phnom Penh!  The children can ride the ferris wheel at DreamLand or enjoy one of many other carnival rides near the Naga Casino in Phnom Penh, by the river front.

7.)   Battambang.  A fun and quiet river town, as all of the town in Cambodia are pretty much on some form of water, enjoy the likes of Battambang!  This town features many beautiful temples and fun statues as well as great eats and is the home of the famous Bamboo Train!  Enjoy it while it still lasts and take a 20 minute ride each way with gorgeous rice paddy fields on either side as you speed along the railroad track on a bamboo car!

8.)   S 21 and the Killing Fields.  I know that this may not sound like  kid friendly activity but there is a way to explain this to the children gently and have them understand.  The audio at the Killing Fields would not be appropriate for younger children to hear, but it is a humbling awareness for those that are old enough to handle it and it is done tastefully.  At the S-21 museum they can meet a man that survived as well as see beautiful artwork done by Khmer and Japanese children in a cultural connection project featured at the museum.  Kids are not afraid of skulls and will enjoy seeing many of them in the nicely decorated stupa that houses them.

9.)   Meeting the Khmer people.  The children speak English very well and love to interact.  Actually, they are quite smart and would love to play rock, paper, scissors and chat up your child while you sit and eat on the river front or walk around town.

10.)   Back to School Shopping for a fraction of the price!  The Central market in Phnom Penh has great deals and the Russian Market has actual name brand clothes with minor defects.  Paper supplies and notebooks are extremely cheap and well made too.  Also, there are many printing companies and you might be able to grab some of your student’s school books for much cheaper in another country, Cambodia being one of them!


Overall, there is much for you and your child to do while you are in Cambodia and the land mines are cleared from any area that you would even think to visit.  Even off the beaten path, the country is safe and ready for you and your family to visit.  There is much to keep your child busy and educated and the same goes for yourself.  The people are as kind and gentle as any in the world and offer a warm welcome that will leave your entire family unit feeling safe and satisfied with the experience.  Allow our family at Ecstatic Restaurant and Tours help your Family have a smooth visit to Cambodia.  With a no hassle policy, you may email us or stop in for some of our famous pizza when you arrive in Siem Reap and we will help you from there!  Send us a Message for more help and we will get right back to you!  Also, find many Informational Articles and Hotspot Information in this site!