Kratie, Cambodia

Irrawaddy Dolphins!







Do you want to get off of the Tourist Trek for a moment?  Enjoy one of the best kept secrets of Cambodia that is a beautiful and small settlement in the Norther area of the country.  Quiet and still very traditional, enjoy the Khmer culture in it’s natural state without the busy way of life that comes with high levels of tourism.  Kratie is special because it is right on the Mekong River.  From most of the guesthouse rooms available you will be looking at the sun setting over the Mekong River as you enjoy tranquility and peace with a side of quietness.  This section of the Mekong River happens to be home to a very rare and nearly extinct species of Dolphin known as the Irrawaddy River Dolphin.  The population is struggling and the Cambodian Government has recently passed legislation to ensure that less of the Dolphins die from preventable reasons.  The largest concentration of these Dolphins is right outside of Kratie Town in this part of the Mekong.  Going on a trip to see the Dolphins is enjoyable and with the large number that are there, the likelihood of seeing them up close and personal is quite high.

The Lush Foliage on the River Front Makes dolphin watching and riding around the region breathtaking!


This is the place to see Khmer day to day life as you will be invited to have food and drinks by the locals if you roam about.  There is a genuine market so it is not like you are in the middle of nowhere and there are enough options to eat to make a couple of days in Kratie enjoyable.  Sit on the River and enjoy local street food after a morning watching the Dolphins and an Afternoon exploring the local villages on the “island” just across the way.  Time can be enjoyed doing Bicycle tours and seeing the locals basket weave or play volleyball and basketball.  Local village experiences are generously available and along with the bike tours are some of the other treasures of visiting here!

Highlights and Transportation Options:


  • Mekong “Irrawaddy” River Dolphin Tours
  • Basket Weaving Demonstration and Classes
  • Village Tours
  • Local Museum
  • Concrete Animal of Local and Endemic Species
  • Sambor- Pre Angkor Settlement
  • Phnom Sombok- Ornate Temple Town
  • Cultural Development Tours
  • Mekong Island Bicycle or Motor Bike Tour

Irrawaddy River dolphin



From Siem Reap or Phnom Penh:

From Lao:

  • Bus
  • Private Ride
  • Shared MiniVan

Water Transport is Questionable

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