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Ecstatic Family is Ecstatic to Serve You!Ecstatic Family is Ecstatic to Serve You!


Do you need to book your trip?  Do you know the best places to go?  Need a little help on booking your next leg of transportation and don’t want to deal with the hassle of a tour office?  Come into Ecstatic Restaurant where our family can serve you a great meal and help you sort out your travel plans!  If you are ahead of the game and are setting your schedule before you get here, allow us to help you with your entire trip.  Want a to budget your money and/or time?  We know of great places to go that are worth you time and have you doing less transporting.  Understanding the needs of traveling onto other countries and blending your time in Cambodia in with other countries and destinations, we are prepared to assist you in getting in or out of Cambodia as well with plans for your next destination, transfers and even Visa Services.

If you want to get ideas or see some sample itineraries, you can look at the Itinerary Section and the Hotspots to the Right of this Article or simply click on the links.  We are a local family business that has been serving the community since 1994.  Get a little assistance or plan your entire trip on any budget, we are here to help.  With the ability to find you hotel accommodations, guest houses, arrange different types of transfers, and set up authentic tours, Ecstatic Restaurant and Tours can assist you with your travel needs.  Our site also includes some resources to assist you in doing the best planning.  Check out the insightful info for some stuff you may not know and could benefit from knowing about, when you come to Cambodia!

Gorgeous Sunset in Phu Quoc

  • Enjoy Ayutthaya near Bangkok and get onto the Big Show at Angor Archeological Park!
  • Go up the Mekong from Kratie to 4,000 Islands in Laos.
  • Enjoy the Coast on Otres Beach and have the best beach escape of your life!  Nature will nurture you hear!

We have provided many articles and some information to make your trip in Cambodia one of the best of your life!  Don’t miss out on a key experience in Siem Reap which is to enjoy the unexpectedly delicious food, of course including Ecstatic Restaurant.  We serve the best pizza in town and our family offers a warm ambiance that welcomes you.  We can answer questions you have and also help you get the most out of your time at Angkor!  We are here to serve you without hassle, so come in, take it easy and have a great time on your trip with a little bit of local help and insight.

Feel Free to Drop in for Help and we can and will Arrange Anything You May Need.  Please be sure to ask for assistance as we will not hassle you in the restaurant.

***If you wish to book your trip ahead of time, please send us a message about what you are interested in and include any questions you may have and we will get back to you shortly. Email For More Information!

Hang Out While We Assist You in Touring Cambodia!